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"For me spirituality means learning not to take my definition and my sense of where I'm going purely from the external world. Rather, to pay attention to those very subtle voices inside." —Margo Adair, Vortex 3

Applied Meditation is a simple but powerful technique that uses guided visualization, symbols, and affirmations to address issues and goals in our lives and our communities.


I use affirmations whenever I meditate or just need to center and relax. Some people like to put them in notes or signs that they see through the course of the day. Of course, you can alter any of these to suit your needs. There are two keys. Always state your desires in positive terms: not “My level of stress is reduced” BUT “I feel calm and relaxed” or “I maintain balance amidst change.” The other key is to state affirmations in the present tense—what you desire is happening now. Inner consciousness is very literal.

I learned many of these affirmations from Margo Adair, to whom I’m indebted for my training in Applied Meditation. Be sure to see her books, Working Inside Out: Tools for Change, Practical Meditation for Busy Souls, Meditations on Everything Under the Sun, and (with William Aal, Practical Meditation for Busy Souls. Margo passed away last year, but her website remains an excellent resource for her work and her legacy. Visit Tools for Change to learn more.

If you're interested in joining an Applied Meditation group or receiving training in the techniques, please feel free to contact me at


I believe in myself

I make time to meditate every day.

I feel secure knowing that my needs are met.

I trust the future.

My fears become my allies.

The world is filled with love for me.

I only respond to positive suggestions.

I have all the energy I need.

I maintain balance admidst change.

My thoughts are restful.


I love my body.

I trust and honor my sexual desires.

I listen to my body.

My body maintains a balanced state of health.

My immune system is strong and healthy.

The whole of my mind/body is healthy.


I trust my inner voice.

I keep my dreams alive.

My spiritual awareness protects and serves me.

Creativity flows through me.

My gayness is a gift that I share.

I am guided by my spiritual awareness.


I affirm the unique qualities of others.

I receive love and respect for my gay qualities.

I am part of a nurturing community.

Even as I say these things I know they are happening.

My community is my strength.

I take positive action to change the world.