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House Music Mixes with a Message


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Tonne Serah

Illustration by Gina Wick

Not long after I started hanging out in SF’s  dance music scene a friend of mine gave me a copy of some mixing software, and I got started making my own house music mixes...

End Up by RickyI’ve always admired the way a good dj can control the mood of the dance floor, building climaxes again and again from midnight to dawn. But few djs worked with the music in terms of what it was about—the subjects and themes of the songs. Mixing songs with similar subjects, it seemed to me, would add a new dimension to the dance floor >experience—mixes would become reflections and journeys, stories with a beginning, middle, and end.

And so…I began collecting songs on themes that occurred to me, and using my PC I began to weave them together into mix sets. I’m not a dj and I remain in awe of live performers who can mix vinyls and cds for hours on end without missing a beat. Still, I think my little mixes represent something different, and I hope you enjoy them!

—Will (Tonne Serah), October 7, 2010


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Badlands, 2/8/2013, photo by Don Jones