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Two Spirits

Third and Fourth Genders in Native America


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Two Spirits in History — Finds-Them-and-Kills-Them (1854-1929)

Finds Them and Kills ThemThe Crow boté, Ótsikyap Dapés ("Osch-Tisch"), or Finds-Them-and-Kills-Them, earned his name in 1876, when he fought in the Battle of the Rosebud. He was also a skilled artist and medicine person. Resisting the efforts of Indian agents and missionaries to force him to abandon his role, he lived as a traditional two-spirit until his death in 1929. When an interviewer asked why he wore women's clothes, he simply replied, “That is my road.”



Finds-Them-and-Kills-Them (Crow), 1928.